What are your belief systems? And are they serving you?

We all have deeply embedded beliefs as part of our operating systems. Some we are consciously aware of, and others – those that live outside of our focal awareness – we are not, yet all of them are certainly formidable and running our shows. Some of them beauties, and some of them beasts. “IF-THEN” is their language. These beliefs are acquired all along the journey of our lives – formed from life experiences, worldview assumptions, preferences, inferences, deductions, successes, failures… moments in time. And, all is good and great, as long as our beliefs, seen and unseen, are fully serving us. My experience, in my personal exploration, and in my work with my clients – is that often, our beliefs become outdated, untested, unchecked and unchallenged in the now, in new times – and not only derail us but can keep us from our greatest breakthroughs. It is a worthwhile exercise, to explore and take inventory – to update and refresh, these innate rules of our operating systems. Shifting our beliefs to an empowering state can be the lever to achieve a modernized, relevant and more effective modus in state-of-the-art leadership (and life).

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