How to measure Executive Presence?

Executive Presence can be challenging to define and even harder to measure. And, we can’t manage what we can’t measure.  How do we close that gap? Through the Bates Model of Executive Presence.

The Bates ExPI™(Executive Presence Index) is the first research-based assessment to measure executive presence and influence in leaders. The ExPI model clarifies Executive Presence as three critical dimensions: Character, Substance, and Style. The multi-rater tool measures perceptions of a leader’s strengths and development areas within 15 distinct facets under each of these dimensions. The unique and powerful assessment process provides leaders with feedback that is insightful, actionable, specific, practical, and relevant to their business goals.

My clients express that they are gaining highly valuable insights from these assessments. I chose to certify in this assessment and to frequently facilitate the discovery process with my clients, as it comprehensively measures ‘most things’ behavioral in leadership.  It connects the dots, within a critical behavioral set, that once were elusive. By measuring, we can then manage and accurately identify a clear and compelling path to amplify a leader’s Executive Presence, Influence and Effectiveness.